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If there is an error in the CNC processing machines, what is the problem ?

Ordinary CNC-milling machines are low in price, but inefficient in mass-production, the processing quality is greatly affected by the technical level of the operators, and the processing consistency is not good. 
CNC parts processing has high efficiency, good processing consistency and stable quality. However, the cost of machine tools is expensive, and it takes less time to program when the number of machining is small. The repairman is required to have a high level of hardness and strength of stainless steel, but the plasticity and toughness are good, the heat strength is high, and the chips are not easily cut off during cutting. On the premise of ensuring that the knife has sufficient strength, a large rake angle should be selected, which not only can reduce the plastic deformation of the metal to be cut, but also can reduce the cutting force and the cutting temperature, and at the same time reduce the depth of the hardened layer. cnc machining, also called CNC machining, refers to machining with CNC machining tools. Because CNC machining is controlled by computer after programming, CNC machining has the advantages of stable processing quality, high machining precision, high repeatability, complex machining surface and high machining efficiency. 1. Loose between servo motor and lead screw.2. Ball screw bearing or nut wear.3. Insufficient lubrication between the lead screw and the nut.4. The servo motor is faulty.5. There is dirt inside the grating scale.6. The servo amplifier is faulty.
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