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In order to enable the tires to meet the requirements of high-speed uniform driving, safety and durability


The press roll hemming forming machine developed in the 1960s in China has a certain degree of advancement and practicability, and has been widely used for more than 30 years. With the rapid development of high-grade highways and high-end automobiles, in order to enable tires to meet the requirements of high-speed uniform driving, safety and durability, in addition to the development of radial tires, the development of high-quality, high-end bias truck tires is also a top priority. The LCK-2024DF tire building machine is equipped with a pair of forward and reverse wrapping devices, which implement the forward and reverse packaging of the finger-shaped sheet group similar to the radial tire building machine for the tire building process, instead of the spring group of the press roll hemming machine Positive wrapping, pressing roller reverse wrapping. This is a major technical reform of the bias tire molding process. It reduces uneven roll pressure, discounts and bubbles during the molding process, improves molding quality, and reduces the labor intensity of operators and improves work efficiency.

Press roller device This product is equipped with a lower pressure roller device for linear pressure roller, a back pressure roller device for curved pressure roller, and a tread supply device. The lower pressure roller is driven by an air cylinder, which is naturally elastic and can change with the shape of the tire embryo. The bracket is designed as a parallelogram, which is very stable. The guide is driven by a motor and is equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation. The back pressure roller retains the three-acting device of the pressure roller edging forming machine. Mainly used for the curve part of the roller embryo. A molding machine without a tire expander can also be used for stripping off the tire blank before tire unloading. But its work efficiency is slower. Tread feeding device The setting of the tread feeding device is to ensure the upper tread, prevent deflection and reduce the labor intensity of the operator. Taking into account the high technical requirements and complex structure of the unit, the overall frame of the machine is equipped with an overall frame, main box, lower pressure roller, rear pressure roller, and front and back packages in order to ensure manufacturing accuracy, facilitate transportation and migration, installation and debugging, and production maintenance. The device, the tailstock device, the curtain expanding and guiding device, the clamping and transferring device, the tire expanding device, etc. are all installed on the machine base with good integrity. This kind of integral base structure is not only suitable for installation on the ground foundation, but also especially suitable for installation on the floor foundation.

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