“Industrial Network Range Platform Technical Capability Evaluation Criteria” is publicly released

On October 14, at the opening ceremony of the 2021 Industrial Information Security Skills Competition, Zhang Ge, chief expert of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Center”) and director of the Inspection and Evaluation Institute, issued NQST-ICS/T C001- 2021 “Technical Capability Evaluation Standards for Industrial Network Range Platforms” (hereinafter referred to as “standards”). The release link will focus on the center’s industrial network shooting range work positioning and significance, standard content system architecture, soliciting test activity shooting range platform verification demonstration and work prospects.

Zhang Ge, Chief Expert of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, releases the standard

Under the background of digital transformation in the industrial field, the deep integration of information technology and industrial control, the gradual interconnection and opening of industrial systems, and the strong demand for comprehensive industrial technical talents have made the application scenarios of industrial network shooting ranges more extensive; but the lack of standards and specifications, the weak core technology, and collaborative planning Insufficiency and other issues hindered the rapid development of industrial network shooting ranges.

As the authoritative organization of “safety technical consultation + range test and verification”, the center links industrial network range “test and evaluation”, “standard development”, “construction and operation” and other work to support and serve the government, military industry, industry users, security companies, etc. Institutions demand in the field of online shooting ranges. The publication of this standard is the initial work aimed at providing evaluation basis for third-party inspection and testing institutions, guiding market users to actively and rationally use industrial network shooting ranges, and providing research and construction institutions with a reference for technical capabilities.

The standard test and evaluation object is the integrated and systematic industrial network range platform for user-oriented delivery or service; the current industrial network range products have certain differences in terms of construction scale, technical architecture, service objects, target requirements, application industries, etc. , The standard guarantees the scientificity, rationality, feasibility, and universality of the standard by setting “optional” indicators and a grading system of “basic level” and “enhanced level”. The standard content evaluates the technical capabilities of the industrial network range platform from the platform’s own security operation and maintenance capabilities, platform key support capabilities, platform typical application capabilities, platform new technology integration capabilities, and other levels. Each level of capability has a hierarchical support relationship.

In the next step, the center will work with various agencies in the compilation of industrial network range service catalogues and supplier lists, the construction of typical applications of industrial network range ranges, the innovation of range joint operation models, and the development of technical requirements and standards for key industry ranges.

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