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Inspection before operation of servo hydraulic press

Inspection before commissioning of servo Hydraulic Press

  • ① Check whether the bolts, screws, nuts and other fasteners of each part of the servo hydraulic press may loosen or fall off due to accidents;
  • ② Check whether the limit assembly and stroke control equipment of the movable parts of the servo hydraulic press are loose and whether the state is normal;
  • ③ Check the parts that may be damaged after startup after being adjusted by mistake. For example, whether the position of the travel switch at the limit bottom dead center of the upper workbench is adjusted properly to avoid the piston overtravel and directly press onto the cylinder port of the servo hydraulic press, which will damage the cylinder port.
  • ④ , inspect and remove miscellaneous items that may hinder the movement of motor parts.
  • ⑤ When a new servo hydraulic press pump is used for the first time or the shutdown time is long (half a month or more), unscrew the oil return joint of the oil pump, fill it with clean oil, screw the joint, start the oil pump motor for a short time (t ≤ 5S), and check whether the rotation direction of the oil pump motor is correct and consistent with that shown on the oil pump.

If the rotation direction label on the oil pump is not clear, the rotation direction of the servo hydraulic oil pump can be determined in the following way: the operator stands behind the oil pump motor and looks at the motor, and the rotation direction of the motor shall be clockwise.

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