Intel Introduces New Mobile SoC and LTE Solutions

Krzanich, CEO of Intel Corporation, today announced a series of new products and partnerships, including a new cost-effective system-on-a-chip (SoC), a variety of mobile platforms, a globalLTE solutions, innovative personal computing experiences, and plans to partner with multiple customers around mobile devices and network infrastructure products. With technology that spans chips, software and security, Intel is one of very few companies that can provide end-to-end solutions for devices, networks and the cloud, Krzanich said.

IntelCEO Krzanich inMWC 2015 Announces New Products and Partnerships

Products announced today include Intel® Atom™ x3 processor family, Intel’s first integrated communications system-on-a-chip solution for the growing market of value and entry-level devices, and a five-mode SoC designed for high-performance devices and supporting global networksIntel® XMM™ 7360 LTE Advanced solutions.In addition, Krzanich highlighted the partnership with Alcatel– Collaboration between Lucent, Ericsson and Huawei. These collaborations are designed to meet new demands for telecom, cloud and data center services, improve network efficiency, and accelerate the industry’s migration to software-defined infrastructure.

Krzanich also reiterated that SamsungGalaxy S6* andS6 Edge* devices will have built-in and activate the latestAntimalware solution with McAfee VirusScan Mobile™ technology.

Krzanich said:“The evolution of the mobile landscape and the proliferation of smart, connected devices has created a desperate need for more connectivity and data that is protected in real time. All of these factors are driving network transformation, accelerating personal computing experiences, services and functions in a more secure manner. Delivery. Intel is one of only a few companies in the world that can provide end-to-end mobility solutions.

mobile communication products

Intel Atom by Intelx3 processor series (previously codenamed“SoFIA”), its first integrated communications platform for entry-level and value-for-money tablets, talkable tablets and smartphones.by putting64-bit multi-core Intel Atom processor with3G or4G LTE connectivity for integration, this integrated communications SoC combines an application processor, image sensor, graphics processor, audio system, communications connectivity and power management into a single SoC. This integration will ensure device makers offer full-featured tablets, talking tablets and smartphones to the fast-growing entry and premium segments at more affordable prices.

Intel is accelerating the value of the integration of Intel architecture and wireless communications to customers, including China’s technology innovation ecosystem.Currently, there are Asus*andIncluding Jolla*20 companies pledged to launch Intel Atom-basedProduct design for the x3 processor family.

To further enrich its mobile portfolio from entry-level to high-performance segments, Intel is also targeting next-generation tablets and small screens2 in1 device launched its first14nm Intel® Atom™ System-on-Chip——Intel Atomx5 andx7 processor family(previously codenamed“Cherry Trail”).Intel Atomx5 andx7 processor family support64 bitWindows* andAndroid*operating system,IntelGen 8 graphics processor, and provides with the next generationLTE Advanced connection matching options, able to support a variety of mainstream and high-end devices.All of these processors use conflict-free raw materials, which means that the products will not contain minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten and/ or gold).

Currently, including Acer*, ASUS*, Dell*, HP*, Lenovo*and Toshiba*Customers including have committed to launch based on Intel Atomx5 andDevices of the x7 processor family. The first devices are expected to enter the market in the first half of this year.

Intel also announced the launch of its third-generation five-modeLTE Advanced Category 10 modem.IntelXMM 7360 can supportthreecarrier aggregation,and Gundam450 Mbps download speed.With compact size and high energy efficiency, IntelThe XMM 7360 is suitable for everything from smartphones, callable tablets to tablets,Various devices for PC.Additionally, it further extends IntelPortfolio of LTE solutions, offering device manufacturers a competitive option to rapidly design and roll out across different market segments and regionsLTE equipment.During Mobile World Congress, Intel also demonstrated integrationLTE and802.11ad“allow5G” (pre-5G) concept system, which leverages Intel end-to-end technology to achieve more than1 Gbps transfer speed.

New experiences for smarter, more secure devices

With series such as Intel RealSense (Intel® RealSense™ ) depth sensing technology, wireless charging and based onDeveloped by Intel SecurityTrueKey™and other hardware and software products, Intel is continuously committed to creatingmakeA new experience, creating a more natural, intuitive and immersive way of human-computer interaction.Krzanich showed Dell liveThe Venue* 10 tablet gives live audiences a sneak peek.This tablet is made in DellThe Venue* 8 builds on the success of the world’s thinnest tablet with a detachable keyboard and Intel RealSense technology-based snapshot capabilities.The tablet is aimed at consumers and business users and willin the near futurelisted.

Krzanich said that in addition to Samsung’sGalaxy S6 andS6 EdgeIn addition to the protection provided by the device,Intel Security will also work withLG Electronics cooperates around personal data security.LG Electronics willIntel SecurityMcAfee Mobile Securitytechnology applied toLG Watch Urbane LTE*, with anti-theft features, allows owners to lock, locate and wipe their device if necessary. Currently,LG’sAndroid device users can already getProtection by McAfee Mobile Security.

Krzanich also announcedBrightstar Corp, Deutsche Telekom andCustomers such as Prestigio will adopt IntelTrue Key technology, which is a cross-platform application, makes user login more convenient and secure by identifying personal characteristics such as face and fingerprint, so as to get rid of the troubles caused by passwords.Deutsche Telekom to pre-install for its customers in EuropeTrue Key products.Prestigio will be the first to be launched in Russia and throughout EuropeOne of the mobile device makers of the True Key app, plans to roll out all of itsThe app is widely available on Android tablets and smartphones.

network transformation– New services, better connections and faster data

Krzanich explains how Intel is partnering with industry leaders to drive the transformation of network infrastructure by standardizing hardware and software, and how to accelerate the industry’s migration to flexible, agile software-defined infrastructure. This will improve network efficiency for telecom and cloud service providers, helping them deliver new services and capabilities to consumers and businesses faster.

Alcatel– Lucent launches Virtual Radio Access Network (vRAN) solution, which consists of a® Xeon® processors) virtualized baseband units that save costs and improve network performance.thisThe vRAN solution will be piloted with customers this year and is expected to beCommercialized in 2016.

Ericsson has announced a new generation of data center platforms for Ericsson Cloud, enabling telecom and cloud service providers to reduce total cost of ownership and achieve data center flexibility and efficiency.The company also usesIntel® Rack Scale Architecture rack-based architecture and management and scheduling software to optimize and scale cloud resources on private, public, enterprise and telco clouds for increased service agility.Ericsson also announced that it will useIntel Security improved Mobile Security for 4G Networks.

Huawei and Intel are working together to provide powerful cloud solutions to help telecom service providers transform their data centers.Two companies will develop next-generation Huawei based on Intel architectureFusionSphere* and will utilizeData Plane Development Kit andOpen vSwitch to improveNetwork virtualization performance of FusionSphere.These solutions are designed to improve performance and are optimized to minimize cloud workloads in a scalable and secure manner.overallcost of ownership (TCO).

For more information on Intel ParticipationFor information on Mobile World Congress 2015 and to watch a video replay of the press conference, visitIntel News Center.

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