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Introduce the hydraulic transmission system of the four-column hydraulic press

Four-column Hydraulic Press: The hydraulic press distributes the hydraulic oil to the upper cavity or lower cavity of the cylinder through various one-way valves and overflow valves, and moves the cylinder under the action of high-pressure oil. A hydraulic press is a device that uses liquid to transmit pressure. When the liquid transfers pressure in a closed container, it follows Pascal’s law. The hydraulic transmission system of a four-column hydraulic press consists of a power mechanism, a control mechanism, an executive mechanism, an auxiliary mechanism and a working medium.

Although people feel labor-saving and convenient for mechanical hydraulic transmission, they also feel that it is easy to damage. The main reason is that it is not very clear about its working principle and structural characteristics, and therefore does not know much about its preventive maintenance methods. There are three basic “pathogenic” factors in hydraulic systems: pollution, overheating and ingress of air. These three unfavorable factors have a close internal relationship. Any one of them will cause another one or more problems.

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