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Introduction To The Characteristics Of Glass Fiber

Glass fiber is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. Raw materials and applications Glass fiber has higher temperature resistance than organic fiber, non-combustible, anti-corrosion, good thermal insulation and sound insulation (especially glass wool), high tensile strength and good electrical insulation (such as alkali-free glass fiber). But it is brittle and has poor wear resistance. Glass fiber is mainly used as electrical insulation material, industrial filter material, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, heat insulation, sound insulation and shock absorption material. It can also be used as a reinforcing material to manufacture reinforced plastics or reinforced rubber, reinforced gypsum and reinforced cement. Covering glass fiber with organic materials can improve its flexibility, and is used to make packaging fabrics, window screens, wall coverings, covering fabrics, protective clothing, and insulation and sound insulation materials. It is made of glass balls or waste glass as raw materials through high-temperature melting, drawing, winding, weaving and other processes. The diameter of its monofilament is a few microns to more than 20 meters, which is equivalent to a hair strand. 1 / 20-1 / 5 of each fiber bundle is composed of hundreds or even thousands of monofilaments. Glass fiber is usually used as a reinforcing material in composite materials, electrical insulation materials and thermal insulation materials, circuit boards and other fields of the national economy as a reinforcing material. Glass fiber has the following characteristics. These characteristics make the use of glass fiber far more than other types of fiber It has come widely, and its development speed is far ahead. Its characteristics are listed as follows:(1) High tensile strength and small elongation (3%).
(2) High elasticity coefficient and good rigidity.
(3) The elongation within the elastic limit is large and the tensile strength is high, so the impact energy is large.
(4) It is inorganic fiber, non-combustible and has good chemical resistance.
(5) Low water absorption.
(6) Scale stability and heat resistance are good.
(7) Good processability, can be made into products of different forms such as strands, bundles, felts, and woven cloth.
(8) Transparent and light-permeable.
(9) Development of surface treatment agent with good adhesion to resin is completed.
(10) The price is cheap.
(11) Not easy to burn, and can be melted into glass-like beads at high temperature.

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