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IS Heat Resistant Silicone Cups Safe To Use And Can Put Hot Water On Them?

Has you noticed that there are new popular cups sold on market? They have bright colors and soft feature, which attract a lot of buyers. They are silicone Cups. Are silicone cups safe? Will chemical substances free to water in cups?Generally speaking, silicone is a stable material which is resistant to extreme environment and temperature. Besides, silicone is a material FDA approved can directly contact with food and water. There is no doubt that silicone cups are products can sold on market.What's more, silicone is a non-toxic and odorless material insoluble in water and solution. In other words, water will not be polluted by silicone cups.This silicone material mugs cup is one of new products in our factory. They are foldable and light. It is a good product you can save your place on your travel trip. Weishun Silicone is a silicone products manufacturer with over 10 years producing experience. We deeply understand that quality is a factory's life. Without high quality products, no clients.In order to provide our customer high quality products and earn our client's trust, we select reliable partners who offer us food grade silicone rubber. The silicone products we produce, including the silicone cups, is made of food grade silicone rubber so that they can pass FDA and LFGB tests.

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