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Kitchen Tongs Nylon, Silicone Or Metal, What Are The Best Cooking Tongs?

What are the best kitchen tongs for cooking?Every user has his or her favor cooking tong. Common kitchen tongs on market is nylon tongs, silicone tongs and metal tongs. Generally, all of these different material tongs can do a good job at griping and lifting objects. Like utility tongs( also called general-purpose tongs), no matter what material it made of, they can finish task of  holding up and lift object well.However, in different applications, part of tongs has advantages than others material tongs.BBQ Grilling TongsTongs for BBQ should be heat resistant because they will be used to lift and flip very hot foods. Compare with other two kinds material  tongs( silicone tong & metal tong), nylon tong is lesser advantage on heat resistant. The temperature of BBQ grill is generally very high and hard to control. Long time using nylon tongs to flip food when BBQ may possible cause nylon melt or fray. Worsely, using nylon kitchenware is larger risk because nylong Plastic cooking tools possible be shreded. And when heating, there also is a risk of allowing toxins to enter your food.Stainless steel BBQ tongs do well on heat resistant because metal always have a high melting point. But metal also will transfer heat fast. So all-in-metal tongs doesn't suit for cooking.What is the good tongs safe, non-toxic, heat resistant and heat proof?Silicone is a material do well on heat resistant and heat proof. It can be used in a hight temperature environment up to 230 degree celsius. More importantly, silicone is BPA free and doesn't contain toxic material such as dioxin and phthalates.Weishun is a factory manufacture and sell silicone kitchenwares. Include silicone + metal kitchen tongs. If you are interest in silicone tongs or want to buy some custom silicone cooking tools, welcome to contact us.

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