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Knowledge Of Carbon Fiber Frame

The advantages of carbon fiber frames(1)Light weight frame can be made of carbon fiber frame is the carbon fiber against the direction of stress layer upon layer to get the strength.The carbon fiber frame is very light because of its density and strong tensile strength.Carbon frame 1-1..2 kg weight.
(2)Carbon fiber with good impact absorbability is used to make prosthetic legs for disabled people to exercise, or special springs are used in various fields.Make use of its excellent performance of absorbing impact, make a bicycle without shock shock.But the quality difference between each manufacturer is big, some are very hard, because this kind of car frame rides ability to know good or bad.
(3)Carbon fiber can be manufactured in various shapes.The only drawback is that it is expensive.How long does a carbon fiber frame last?Carbon fiber frames are light in weight and high in strength, but they need to be maintained carefully. Once cracks appear, it is easy for the whole frame to have problems in 5 years or so, and the carbon fiber material will be naturally oxidized and become soft due to long-term use.The normal is eight years.

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