Laser cutting machine becomes the right assistant for sheet metal processing
Laser Cutting MFG Guide

Laser cutting machine becomes the right assistant for sheet metal processing

Laser cutting machine has become the core of manufacturing processing equipment due to its good processing quality and high efficiency. It plays an irreplaceable role in various fields. It is known as the “tailor knife” of metal processing. It can quickly and efficiently Instead of traditional crafts, it has become the mainstream craft of metal processing.

Laser cutting machines are widely used in carbon steel cutting. It has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high precision, one-time forming, no need for subsequent processing, etc., and can realize arbitrary cutting of various measuring tools. The laser cutting machine does not need a mold to cut carbon steel, which saves costs, visually arranges the material, closely fits, and saves materials. The application of carbon steel is becoming more and more widespread.

The scope of application is very wide, such as kitchen equipment, ordinary drawing materials, gas stoves, refrigerators, furniture machines, building materials, regrinders, elevators, building interior and exterior decoration materials, chemical equipment, heat exchangers, boilers, etc., can be seen The figure of stainless steel! The laser cuts the stainless steel, and takes the energy released by the laser to shine on the surface of the steel plate to melt and evaporate the stainless steel. For manufacturing companies that use stainless steel plates as their main parts, laser cutting is a fast and efficient processing method.

The process parameters that have the greatest impact on stainless steel cutting are cutting speed, laser power, air pressure and so on. Most alloy structural steels and alloy tool steels can be laser cut to obtain better cut quality. For some high-strength materials, as long as the process parameters are well controlled, a straight edge without sticking slag can be obtained. However, for tungsten-containing high-speed tool steels and hot mold steels, erosion and slag will occur during fiber laser cutting.

The laser power and oxygen pressure required for stainless steel cutting is greater than that of low carbon steel. Although stainless steel cutting can achieve satisfactory cutting results, it is difficult to obtain a completely slag-free incision. High-pressure nitrogen and laser beam coaxial injection are often used. The method is to blow away the molten metal so that the cutting surface does not produce oxides. This method is good, but compared with traditional oxygen cutting, the cost is much higher. One method that can replace pure nitrogen is to use a filter workshop to compress the cavity so that helium can reach 78%.

The utility model can be widely used in the processing of various metal and non-metal materials. However, some materials, such as copper, aluminum and their alloys, have certain properties (high reflectivity) that make laser cutting difficult to process. Nickel-based alloys are also called super alloys, and there are many types. Most of them can be oxidized fusion cutting. Because the beam emissivity is too high, pure copper basically cannot be cut with a laser beam.

The use of brass with higher laser power and auxiliary gas with air or oxygen can cut thinner steel plates. At present, the aluminum plate-light cutting machine is good for cutting aluminum or other materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. Performance, but it is also unable to process thicker steel plates. The use of auxiliary gas is mainly to blow off the molten product from the cutting area, and usually can get better cut surface quality. In some aluminum alloys, care should be taken to prevent microcracks on the surface of the slit.

The laser cutting quality of titanium alloy used in the aviation industry is good, but there will be a layer of sticky slag on the bottom of the cutting body, which is easy to clean. Pure titanium is well combined with the heat energy converted by the focused laser beam. The auxiliary gas adopts the oxygen method to fiercely, and the cutting speed is fast, but it is easy to produce an oxide layer at the incision, which can cause overburn inadvertently. For the sake of stability, it is better to use air as the auxiliary gas to ensure the cutting quality. Shenzhen laser cutting machine has become the right assistant for sheet metal cutting and processing!