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Looking at the Electrical Road from a Galvanized Steel Plate

The refrigerator case base material is galvanized steel plate, which has strong anti-corrosion ability and is non-flammable. According to the workers, the side plate of the refrigerator is made of hot-dip galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.5mm to 0.8mm. The back plate of the refrigerator and the lower floor of the compressor room are also made of galvanized steel. And pp plastic materials. In the case of fire safety accidents, the flame retardant effect of the cabinet is not easy to cause secondary damage. The large area of the refrigerator uses galvanized steel sheets, and its non-combustible property eliminates such hidden dangers from the source to ensure consumer safety. The strength of galvanized steel sheet is much higher than that of PE hollow board and pp plastic material, which is not easily deformed and resistant to bumping.

In addition to safety, improving the anti-corrosion ability of refrigerators is also a compulsory course. Practice is the only standard for testing truth. The refrigerator must pass a strict salt spray test before leaving the factory. According to reports, the side panels used in the refrigerator are also fully galvanized coated panels, double-layer anti-corrosion, the test is divided into indirect spraying and continuous spraying, the longest test time is 240 hours. In cities with large salt spray concentrations in China, there will be no corrosive effects on the products, which will meet the service life of more than ten years. Most of the industry’s salt spray tests do not exceed 196 hours.

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