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Modern Sheet Metal Fabrication Skills Requirements

Now the Sheet Metal Fabrication requires the operator must have the relevant expertise, because the Sheet Metal Fabrication is now more high-end machinery and metal processing technology, so there is a certain knowledge as a basis for our Sheet Metal Fabrication operators must master the skills , Responsibility is greater than capacity, especially in the field of machinery and manufacturing, technology is not the most important, and sometimes the responsibility is often more important than technology.The primary sheet metal operator should first have the ability to set the design of the sheet metal, at least the general design requirements and the various parameters must know what the meaning of some master get a drawing to know how to do, complex No complicated psychological face on the number of the. Second, but also to master the operation of sheet metal machine tools, do not need to have too deep understanding of the machine, just need to master how to use it, and then there is a need to help me machine tool simple installation, the product came, the first need to select the relevant Of the processing and production of mold, so as to continue the work later, so understand the above three aspects you can participate in the production and manufacture of the enterprise.Intermediate Sheet Metal Fabrication operators are more demanding, such as complex sheet metal drawings, in particular, must have a certain hungry physical computing technology, you can accurately calculate the relevant size, and in the latter part of the production design to gradually improve the relevant Of the drawings, where there is a lack of timely to add and improve. Not only to use Sheet Metal Fabrication machine tools but also to understand the other types and uses of the machine, you must be familiar with the principle of the mold and the use of methods, how to repair related products, in general, sheet metal operators need our operators not only physical labor also Need to have mental work, only a comprehensive and comprehensive development in the production plant in a place.
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