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NX1926 open file dialog box preview is missing

For a long time, after we select the prt file through [File]-[Open], right-click the prt file preview window, as shown below:

But friends who have just used the NX1926 version may find such a situation. When we open the selected prt file in the same way, the graphics preview window on the right is gone, as shown in the following figure:

For people who may be accustomed to using this function, this is very inconvenient (though I don’t use this function very much, as long as I can see the thumbnails), then this function is gone?

The answer of course: no

This is because the NX1926 version optimizes the windows for opening files and creating new files, and adopts the style consistent with the WIN10 system. Previously, UG software used its own style windows.

In the open file window, the preview window on the right has been automatically hidden. If you want to open it, you need to open it manually. The opening method is as follows:

On the right side of the open file window, click the [Show Preview Pane] icon to display the preview!

Is this a bug? It’s just that this window remains the same as WIN10, and the preview pane here is not opened by default in WIN10.

But I found that the NX1926 version still has some problems when using Chinese folder paths or Chinese file names. When you put the prt file in the Chinese path, you open the selected file, the right-click preview will not be displayed, for example, the path of my prt file: C:UsersAdministratorDesktop学技网UGNXnet.prt, so that Not displayed, the right side of the result displays: No preview available. If I put the prt file in an English or digital path, but the file name is in Chinese, for example: C:UsersAdministratorDesktopCAXPX.COMNX网.prt, in this case the preview will be displayed randomly, sometimes click The display is not displayed for a while, so in general, if you use the NX1926 and use the Chinese file name or path, and often use the preview function, friends may be more depressed.

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