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PET Special Injection Machine from China Dakumar Machinery


PET special injection machine is special for PET material injection molding. Dakumar offers PET special injection machine from 50T to 1600T.

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PET is a kind of special material. It has low viscosity and is prone to stick to barrel; also it has high specific heat. To make PET preform, the plastic must be plasticized very well and quickly, then the preform could blow good bottle. Moreover, PET preform mould usually has many cavities and need large injection weight. So with the same clamping tonnage PET injection machine has longer screw with bigger diameter to reach larger injection weight. So the injection machine is also longer in size.

Dakumar machinery features stable operation, high price-performance ratio. If you choose variable pump or servo system, it could save at least 20% energy.

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