Ping An Fu + Smart Medical team up to look at the “number one killer” – lung cancer

Lung cancer is the disease with the highest number of morbidity and mortality among the malignant tumors I have ever experienced, and it is also a common malignant tumor disease in our country. Faced with lung cancer, which is known as the “number one killer”, it is not only necessary to maintain healthy living habits, but also to take protective measures against pollution in the occupational environment and the natural environment, and to conduct regular inspections.

Recently, Ji Zhe, the former captain of the Beijing Shougang Men’s Basketball Team, passed away at the age of 33 after a tenacious struggle with lung cancer for more than a year. And just in October this year, the famous badminton player “Han Aiping” also died of lung cancer, making countless people sad.

Ping An Fu helps effectively resist the “number one killer”

According to the statistics of the National Cancer Center in 2018, the incidence and deaths of lung cancer in my country have ranked first among malignant tumors for 10 consecutive years. There are about 787,000 new lung cancers each year, about 631,000 deaths due to lung cancer, and more than 1,700 people die every day. Lung cancer.

In response to the current health threats posed by malignant tumors such as lung cancer to the general public, Ping An Life insists on “insurance is the name of insurance” and allows “insurance to return to the source of protection”. Limitation of Liability.

The upgraded Ping An Fu 2019 II covers 100 serious illnesses and 50 mild illnesses. Among the 100 kinds of serious diseases, there are not only 25 kinds of serious diseases defined by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, such as malignant tumors, myocardial infarction, sequelae of cerebral apoplexy, and deafness in both ears, but also some more common diseases such as severe coronary heart disease and severe rheumatoid arthritis. Serious illness, and guaranteed for life.

The responsibility for mild diseases has been upgraded from the original 30 to the current 50, which not only cover the mild diseases that are more common and have a greater impact on life, such as carcinoma in situ, early liver cirrhosis, small-area burns, and heart valve interventional surgery , At the same time, it also includes atypical acute myocardial infarction, coronary intervention, mild cerebral apoplexy and other mild diseases that are highly concerned by customers, and has a wider range of disease protection.

Smart medical services, make your health more secure

In response to the problem of disease recurrence, multiple payments highlight the traditional advantages of Ping An Fu. Ping An Fu 2019II continues this advantage. Multiple payments can be made for malignant tumors, and up to three times for mild cases.

Similar to lung cancer, a high-incidence malignant tumor, clinical medical practice has confirmed that the five-year survival rate of patients with “early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment” can reach 90%. Ping An Life is the first in the industry to integrate with smart healthcare, launching Ping An Smart Healthcare, exploring disease prediction, health management, medical services, etc., forming a comprehensive medical service business model, and providing consumers with comprehensive protection around the life cycle.

In response to the pain points of difficult registration and medical treatment for customers, Ping An Health Internet and Ping An Life Insurance developed Medical 360 (additional insurance is required), shared medical resources covering the whole country and extended overseas, and provided “assistance with expert registration”, “assistance in arranging expert beds”, Full-process medical services such as “secondary diagnosis and treatment by domestic and foreign experts”, “post-hospital follow-up of the original attending experts”, “sick bed arrangements for overseas experts”, and “rehabilitation and conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine experts” can solve customers’ concerns about seeking medical treatment from experts.

In addition, with the help of health big data and AI functional consultation technology, Ping An has configured a dedicated family doctor for each user through “Ping An Good Doctor”, and users can choose a doctor with specific expertise according to their own needs. . With family doctors as the core, Ping An provides customers with comprehensive health management services including disease prevention, online treatment of minor illnesses, and rehabilitation.

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