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Pipe and Fittings Investment Casting

Basic Info

  • Process: Lost Wax casting

  • Application: Hardware

  • Surface Preparation: Sand Blast

  • Machining Tolerance: +/-0.10mm

  • Certification: SGS, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008

  • Size: Customized

  • Surface Finish: Full Size Checked

  • Trademark: QH

  • Origin: Ningbo

  • Casting Method: Directional Crystallization

  • Molding Technics: Investment Casting

  • Material: Alloy Steel

  • Surface Roughness: Ra0.2

  • Standard: ANSI

  • Name: Pipe and Fittings Investment Casting

  • Finish: as Requirement

  • Inspection: Full Size Checked

  • Specification: CE, SGS

Product Description

Name:Pipe and Fittings Investment Casting

Casting is broadly defined as the process of forming a substance into a specific shape using a Mold. Metal casting employs a variety of metals to create the molded end product and dates back thousands of years.The most commonly materials used resources are: gray iron, ductile iron, aluminum, steel, cooper, zinc. We have good factories of investment casting, die casting, sandy casting etc.

Things to Consider When Choosing Casting Materials
* Level of volume required
* Cost-effectiveness
* Melting temperature
* Cooling speed
* Wear resistance
* Weight
* Damping capabilities

Industrial Casting Applications
Casting is used in a large number of manufacturing process and plays an important role in construction. Many industries depend heavily on casting to create uniform products. Some of the leading markets for casting materials are:
* Automotive and Light Truck
* Pipe and Fittings
* Construction, Mining and Oilfield Machinery
* Internal Combustion Engines
* Railroad
* Valves
* Farm Equipment
* Municipal Castings

What You Can Choose:

Jobs We Can Do Precision Casting, Investment Casting etc.
Materials We Can Do Steel

Welcome to send us inquiries of:
investment casting part, casting part, precision casting part, metal casting part, steel casting part etc.

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