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Plastic mould| Pipe fitting mould

Sino Pipe Fitting Mould Co.,Ltd, the branch of the Sino Holdings Group, was previously developed from China MOULD. So Sino Pipe Fitting Mould has rich experience in manufacturing the pipe fitting mould.


Pipe fitting is used to connect pipes. Pipe fitting is always made by mould injection, it is applied in water delivery and drainage, building, agriculture, valve, switch, etc. It has many shapes, like elbow, tee, cross, coupling, union and so on.


Pipe fitting mould has many different plastics and different usages. We can offer customized mould according clients’ requirement. As PVC is a plastic cannot allow manufacturing with high temperature and is corrosive to tool, so we will choose the steel with corrosive resistance and cold runner. Regarding the products’ usage, Sino can provide the scientific pipe fitting design and mould design, not only can help customer to save money, but can make sure the pipe fitting could be make with beautiful surface and short cycle time.


If you have any related project about pipe fitting mould, do not hesitate to contact us, Sino will offer you good quality pipe fitting mould and best service. If you need, we also can provide you the turnkey line solution, include the pipe fitting mould and PVC machine.


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