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Plastic mould|Box mould-Pastic Mould

 Sino is a famous mould manufacturer in China, which is specialized in making box mould. Every year, Sino will make more than 200 sets of box mould, it includes thinwall container mould, commodity storage box mould, food container mould, etc.


For such kind of storage box mould, usually Sino use high quality steel, like S136 if the mould need highly polished. As for the insert and slider, we often use H13. And every main steel plate, we will make eyebolt holes for convenience transport and assembling.


As we all know that there are many kinds of box on the market. Regarding to different products, the designers can make it clear what is the hardness of the mould, and when design the mould, they will take products’ usage into consideration. Sino project manager will control the mould process and guarantee the mould quality, if you need box mould, you can just send us the sample, then we can design the mould according it. Or you also can send us the drawings, our engineer can check the design and modify it. Every mould design, Sino will send customer for final checking.


Sino always be responsible for each mould. If you have box mould or have any related project, Welcome to Sino Mould.


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