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 Sino Package Mould Co., Ltd is specialized in making high precise package mould, flip top cap mould is one of our strength. Flip top cap has many characters, like beautiful, convenience and useful.


Flip top cap mould has been widely used in food package, medical package and some commodity products. According to the different usage, the plastic flip cap has various kinds of shapes:

-Scientific mould design

Sino company has a professional mould design team, which includes more than thirty designers. And there are five of them are specialized in designing cap mould. To the flip cap mould, Sino has a mould design team are keeping research and develop, recently in order to protect the connector of flip cap, we improve the mould structure to meet the requirement of folding the cap on the mould directly, and the movement is steady and easy control and quickly.


Sino has ability to make the high requirement mould, we not only can control the mould precise highly, but to the flip cap mould, we also can make multi-cavity to meet high output requirement. Sino has experience in make the mould with 48 cavity.


If you need good quality Chinese flip top cap mould, please contact Sino soon.


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