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Precision mould requirement

lamp mould,fan mould,electronic component mould,all required high precision tooling.especially for OEM parts.Lamp moulds for OEM,automobile inner trim for DPSA,after sales service market,automotive moulds for after marketing,automotive moulds maker China.

For the precision mould,we must get ready at the beginning.For the product design,mould design,tooling machine choosing,assembling.every step we must be very careful.For a head lamp mould used as reflector,every point should be very precise to get good function as design.And the mould looks very nice,we need to use good steel material for this kind of mould to avoid deforming.

We use 5axis milling machine for the precision tooling once.For all the moulds,we make it in our own workshop,so we could control the mould quality very well.If you plan to find a new supplier for your moulds,please feel free to contact me.We could offer you a fine solution for the precision injection molding.

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