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Process Differences What are CNC Machined and Diecast Aluminum Housings? Which process is better?

Manufacture of aluminum casing for electronic products usually requires looking for a professional and genuine aluminum casing manufacturer to handle the customization. This is because different brands and models have different requirements for aluminum casing. Specific symptoms in the processing of shape, size and appearance. Those exposed to the processing of aluminum shells know that there are two processing processes in the industry.

CNC machining and die casting are both techniques for processing raw materials into products, but many people do not know much about both. Let’s see the difference between CNC machining and die casting of aluminum casing.

CNC machining is CNC machining, which is precision machining under the digital control of a computer. Aluminum casings can achieve very special or complex surface treatments under this processing technique. Chamfering, non-penetrating pattern or texture carving, punching with bends in aluminum casing, surface treatment of non-flat surfaces, etc. Even the most demanding and cumbersome details can be completed under the processing of CNC processing. This type of use is unavoidable for those who have very high personal requirements for the processing of aluminum casing.

The die casting process uses a mold cavity to apply high pressure to the molten metal to create a surface effect similar to a mold. Some simple punching and patterning tasks can be done in the die casting process. Compared to CNC machining, it costs less, but it cannot perform very complex surface treatments.

These two methods of processing aluminum casing have their own unique characteristics, which are essential skills for the production and operation of aluminum casing processing manufacturers. These two have complementary effects, allowing manufacturers to better serve their customers. Of course, CNC machining is the best choice, though not as many people think. To manufacture and process a certified aluminum casing, you need to select the corresponding processing technology according to your manufacturing needs, and you also need to consider the manufacturing cost. If both processing techniques are feasible, then of course you choose which one is more convenient and preferred, not which one looks better, after all, cost is always a non-negligible part. ..

Current customers develop detailed and appropriate processing plans for their customers before manufacturing and processing aluminum casings. Not only does it guarantee that all the production requirements of the product are met, but also the production cost is minimized to provide sophisticated and qualified aluminum casing products and fine-tuned service.

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