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Processing conditions of titanium alloy tubes

In the process of titanium tube, in order to check whether the materials mixed by the shaft air separation method are evenly distributed in the boiling layer and whether there is stratification or segregation phenomenon, the protection department after stopping the furnace was analyzed. At this time, the accumulation height of the family (stationary family height) is 550 mm. The l sample was taken at the filling layer under the slag outlet, and the lower layer of the titanium alloy tube was normal. Although some impurities in the charge are unevenly distributed, the distribution of carbon and titanium in the boiling layer is similar. Therefore, the stratification of the two families in the boiling layer is basically non-existent. At the same time, due to the large size of pioude, a carbon bath (containing about 50% carbon) was formed in the boiling layer. Even if the partial ingredients of some materials were not even, sufficient reducing agent could still be ensured to make the chlorination reaction proceed smoothly. This scheme has the advantages of simple process flow, continuous production of TC4 titanium alloy and high production efficiency.

(1) after the actual carbon matching ratio is calculated according to the valuable components in the material, the actual carbon matching ratio is determined according to the specific situation. The theoretical carbon ratio is calculated according to the amount of titanium dioxide. When high titanium is used as raw materials, due to a certain amount of low-price titanium oxide in it, the carbon content should be reduced accordingly. If the titanium alloy tube or rutile contains high calcium and magnesium salts, it is necessary to appropriately increase the carbon ratio, and the increased carbon amount is used as a diluent. The mechanical loss of carbon must also be considered in the actual carbon ratio. In general, the actual carbon ratio should be controlled at 25-30%.

(2) particle size and distribution of materials: if the method of screening is adopted to mix the materials, the particle size and distribution of materials are controlled by the method of mechanical screening; If the method of shaft air separation is adopted to mix the mixture, the size and distribution of TC4 titanium alloy particles are controlled by adjusting the air volume. If the air volume of a vertical parallel air separator is 7500m3 / h, the production capacity is 0.6 tons/h.

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