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Refrigerator Mould supplier Zhejiang

Sino Mould, one of the famous plastic refrigerator injection mould suppliers, have many years experience in making refrigerator injection mould. And we offer clients refrigerator mould, refrigerator injection machine, refrigerator exportation and so on.

We have professional team for refrigerator mould R&D, manufacture and market in China, providing all kinds of refrigerator parts moulds. B the advanced refrigerator injection molding technology, we supply not only refrigerator mould but the refrigerator molding products and also injection solution of refrigerator of your refrigerator project. All we bring is a all-around refrigerator moulds sales service to make our clients satisfied.

We have professional designer to provide surpassingly accurate refrigerator moulds drawing, And we also have QC staff team to assure the quality of refrigerator mould and super sales tem to provide you with best molding service, follow-up service after sales..What we do is to offer one-step service which makes sure every process of mould making is perfect and meet customers’ requirement.


We also make many kinds of plastic injection mould, such as automotive mould, package mould, pipe fitting mould and home appliance mould. If you have any projects which need plastic injection mould, we will offer you best solution for plastic injection mould.

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