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Silicone Cable Organizers, Make Your Table Organized

Are you be tired of messy cables under your desk?Are you be mad of your earphone cable lines knot?silicone cable organizers, let cables orgernized!How to use silicone cable organizers to organize your cables?Firstly, there will introduce two silicone cable organizers which is in different using ways: silicone cord holders and silicone cable ties bands.
Silicone Cable Tie BandsSilicone Cord Holder
Silicone cable band is a multifunctional elastic stretch cord usually be used to reseal pocket or tie cables together.  It may be called at different names when they be used in different ways: silicone packbands or cables organizer band.
Packbands SiliconeCable Band OrganizerAs for the cord holders, it usually is with notches which can be put mouse cable, power cords or earphone wires. That's why this type of cable organizer also frequently be called cable holder clip.Besides, silicone cable holder is with a suction part which make it possible to keep in place of the desktop or wall.

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