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Silicone Rope For Making Mask Is The Top Selling Silicone Product Now In China

With the coronavirus disease global spreading, the demand of mask increase quickly. At the meanwhile, the inventory of mask making accessories including mask rope, spray cloth rapidly decrease.Woman Wearing Face Mak

In order to satisfy mask manufacturer's increasing need of mask making accessories, some silicone products manufacturer put forward to produce silicone rope to replace cloth rope.And the China market response show that silicone mask rope is a good replacement. The cost of silicone rope and cloth rope is near. Besides, customers tend to choose silicone soft rope mask on a purpose of releasing the pain on ear after a long time wearing face mask.Silicone mask rope now have become the top selling silicone product in China.Its popularity push more and more silicone products manufacturer to buy mask rope production mold tool and expand  production.removable silicone rope
After a careful consideration, WeiShun open two face mask production mold tool. One of them is a removable silicone rope. Another silicone mask rope is for disposable N95 face mask.silicone rope for disposable N95 face mask
Daily supply ability of our factory is fifty thousand pieces silicone rope per day. As of yesterday, our factory have supply over one million pieces silicone rope to mask manufacturer.

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