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Silicone Toilet Brush For Bathroom Cleaning

Deep cleaning: the soft toilet brush head will not damage the glass surface, and can easily bend and clean all areas, even under the edge. TPE round handle, comfortable and labor-saving.

Easy to clean: flat soft TPR brush head can be bent and reach any corner: toilet, cover edge, edge, groove. Not easy to entangle hair and other dirty things. Easy to remove dead spots.

Wide use: clean toilet, sink, wash basin and bathtub, suitable for all ceramic Plastic glass surface. You can also hang it on a smooth wall or toilet box, or put it on the floor. Give you a clean and tidy bathroom.

Easy to dry: silicone toilet brush with hollow drain pipe and separated base, steam goes down through the hole at the bottom, and a whole pile of annoying toilet water will not be trapped in the bracket and bacteria. Double layer strength, divided into two parts, strengthen to prevent deformation.

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