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Stability and precautions of precision casting

Precision casting needs to have good stability when used, and its products have a wider range of application and pH value. Precision casting parts require a small amount of maintenance work, so they also need to adapt to high shear stress stirring.

The drying time between layers of precision casting parts will be further shortened. At present, some products can shorten the drying time between layers of this kind of enhanced silica sol to 1h. The shell-making environment of precision casting, especially the wind speed, has very strict requirements. The high polymer additives or other additives of precision casting parts can help reduce the defects of the mold shell and castings. In other words, the role of additives will no longer be limited to helping the shell to quickly build up the wet strength, but will also develop in the direction of improving the quality of investment casting.

Precision casting has good surface quality and high high temperature strength. The entire product has good thermal shock stability and strong high temperature resistance to deformation. The product is a casting process with less or no cutting. Such products are also in the foundry industry. Casting process technology.

Precision casting is suitable for various types. The dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the castings cast by this process are many; and it can cast complex, high temperature resistant, and difficult to process castings that are difficult to cast by other casting methods.

Precautions for the use of precision casting:

  • 1. There are black spots when aluminum alloy die castings are polished. Solution: Reduce the concentration of spraying agent, change to other spraying agents, or increase the blow molding time after spraying.
  • 2. The shot gun is stuck in the gooseneck: the equipment is at room temperature, try to rotate the hammer, if it can’t rotate, replace the barrel and take out the hammer. If you want to quickly solve the stuck problem, you should replace the material tank.
  • 3. It is impossible for precision casting to hit more than a dozen molds. It will take a few minutes to continue punching. See if there are bright spots on the top of your head. If all parts are gray, it means that the nozzle is clogged. Properly increase the nozzle temperature, reduce the nozzle strike time by 0.1 to 0.2 seconds, and turn off the cooling water of the fixed mold slightly.
  • Solve the problem of easy cracking of thin-walled die-casting products: This problem may be due to material problems or poor mold settings or improper selection of process parameters. Try to control the proportion of waste products not to exceed 30%, and the retention time of precision casting molds should not be too long, and Each millimeter of wall thickness is about 3 seconds, and the ejection delay is not long, generally 0.5-2 seconds.   5. The material is too hard, and the tool is easy to wear. Solution: Use raw material ratio, do not recycle materials, and use gem blades specially produced for cemented carbide.

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