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Steel Genus :SUS409

Steel Genus :SUS409Steel Genus :SUS409Steel Genus :SUS409


409 stainless steel is a ferritic stainless steel commonly used in machinery, construction and other projects.
Due to the presence of austenite grains, the mechanical properties are greatly improved. And because of the
addition of many alloying elements, the strength and hardness are also greatly improved.

2、409 steel characteristics and applications

409 stainless steel, the cheapest model (British and American), is usually used as a car exhaust pipe and is
a ferritic stainless steel (chrome steel).

3、211409 steel chemical composition 1

  • Carbon C: ≤0.08
  • Manganese Mn: ≤1.00
  • Silicon Si: ≤1.00
  • Chromium Cr: 10.5~11.75
  • Nickel Ni2: ≤0.50
  • Phosphorus P: ≤0.045
  • Sulfur S: ≤0.03
  • Titanium Ti: (6C~0.75)


  • 1.The single value is the highest value unless otherwise stated;
  • 2.For some pipe making processes, the nickel content of some models of austenitic stainless steel must be
  • slightly higher than the values shown in the table;
  • 3.random;
  • 4.the highest Ta content is 0.10%;
  • 5.the highest content is 0.75%;
  • 6.the highest content is 0.70%

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