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Stretch forming by stamping

There is a process in the stamping process called stretch forming, this process is one of the main processes of stamping process, all metal stamping processes will use this stretch forming. This molding can be processed into various irregular shapes of metal parts such as cylindrical, rectangular, stepped, spherical and other shapes. Stretch forming uses stamping equipment to work. Now let’s understand the knowledge of stamping and drawing processing.

The stretching process of the stamping equipment includes a variety of position stretching tasks. Among them, the stretching adopts a platen device and uses the punching force of a punch to pull part or all of the flat material into the cavity of the concave mold to form it into a container with a bottom. . The processing in which the side wall of the container is parallel to the stretching direction is a simple stretching processing, while the stretching processing of conical (or pyramidal)-shaped containers, hemispherical containers, and parabolic surface containers also includes expansion processing. There is also the re-drawing process. This is the deep-drawn product that cannot be completed in one drawing process. The formed product needs to be stretched again to increase the depth of the formed container. There is also a reverse stretching process, which is to reverse the stretched workpiece in the previous process, the inner side of the workpiece becomes the outer side, and the outer diameter of the workpiece is reduced. There is also a thinning and stretching process, which uses a punch to squeeze the formed container into a concave mold cavity slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the container, so that the outer diameter of the bottomed container is reduced, and the wall thickness is thinned, which eliminates the wall Thickness deviation makes the surface of the container smooth.

Stamping processing Stretch forming processing is divided into different processing types according to different forming shapes. There are cylindrical drawing processing, elliptical drawing processing, rectangular drawing processing, mountain-shaped drawing processing, dome-shaped drawing processing, belt Flange hemispherical drawing processing, flange drawing processing, edge drawing processing, Deep Drawing processing, tapered drawing processing, rectangular re-drawing processing, curved surface forming processing, step drawing processing, reverse drawing Sixteen types of processing, thinning and drawing processing, and panel drawing processing.

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