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The Advantages of Carbon Corrugated Pipes

Carbon corrugated pipe is a new type of power cable protection pipe produced by HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and carbon composite material extrusion molding and unique rotational molding technology.

Carbon corrugated pipe is a widely used underground cable sheath, which has a higher cost performance and has the following ten advantages:

1. Good flexibility: the product is threaded. It can bend and pass freely when encountering obstacles, which is convenient for construction;

2. The length of a single root: the shortest length is tens of meters, and the length is hundreds of meters;

3. Light weight: Because the material is made of high-density plastic, it is light in weight and easy to handle;

4. High strength: due to the special thread shape, the pressure resistance is greatly enhanced;

5. Corrosion resistance: resistant to acids, salts and chemicals, can be used for up to 50 years;

6. Resistance to geological subsidence: due to its thread-like structure, geological changes are resistant to stretching;

7. Convenient threading: pre-placed iron wire in the tube, easy to pull the cable;

8. Low construction cost: The above advantages prove that the cost is low, the joints are few, and the cost is reduced;

9. Strong joints: safe to use, few joints, special rubber joints, no water immersion;

10. Good heat dissipation: the tube body is threaded, and the heat dissipation area is large.


The carbon bellows, with its special threaded shape, makes it resistant to pressure and impact greatly exceeding the GB/T13381.9 technical standard. Light weight and high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, free length, free bending, traction steel wire laid in the pipe, can make the construction fast and easy maintenance. Its non-breaking performance is particularly good, and the service life is up to 50 years


Carbon corrugated pipes are widely used in buried projects to beautify streets instead of telephone poles; urban street lamp buried projects; residential construction; parks and golf courses; industrial area construction; agricultural irrigation and drainage and water conservancy projects; urban network reconstruction and cable buried protection Pipes, telecommunication cables, highways, substations, water conservancy projects, etc.

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