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The chose of material and rough for Shaft and axle parts during machining

The chose of material and rough for Shaft and axle parts during machining
When do cnc machining, Shaft parts selection should meet the mechanical properties (including material strength, toughness and wear resistance, etc.), at the same time, choose a reasonable method of heat treatment, the surface to achieve good strength, stiffness and surface hardness.General shaft parts commonly used 45 steel, through normalizing, quenching, quenching and other different heat treatment process, access to a certain degree of strength, toughness and wear resistance. For medium precision and high speed shaft, the optional 40Cr alloy steel, quenched and tempered to obtain better overall mechanical properties. For high-precision shaft, the optional bearing steel GCr15 and spring steel 65Mn and other materials, through quenching and hardening and surface hardening get better wear resistance and fatigue resistance.For high speed and heavy load shaft, optional 20CrMnTi, 20Cr and other low carbon steel or 38CrMoAl nitrided steel. After carburizing or nitriding to obtain high surface hardness, wear resistance and strength of the heart. Nitrided steel heat treatment deformation is small.Complex structural shaft parts (such as crankshafts, etc.) for CNC machined parts,  can also be made of high-strength cast iron and ductile iron. Cast iron materials commonly used are: HT400, QT600, QT450, QT400 and so on.The most commonly used stock of shaft parts is round bars and forgings. Axis of light, the shaft diameter is not big difference between the general choice of bar material; most of the major shaft forgings, in order to ensure the uniform distribution of metal fibers within the organization for a high tensile, bending and torsional strength; some large Or complex structure of the shaft can be cast blank.Should be based on the size of the production scale to determine the rough forging method. Small single-batch production, generally should be used for free forging; forging due to the need for special equipment, forging die, it is suitable for bulk mass production.
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