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The development status of China’s automobile industry and the imbalance of social economy


With the development of China’s automobile industry and the growth of market demand triggered by the growth of imported cars, China’s automobile engine lubricants have developed rapidly in variety and quality. However, due to the development of China’s automobile industry and social and economic imbalances, compared with developed countries, low-grade and high-grade oil still coexist, and low-grade oil still accounts for a considerable proportion. There is not a big gap between high-grade oil and the international advanced level, but there is a big gap in the overall level. To improve the quality of China’s automobile engine lubricants, it is necessary to strengthen the cooperation between automobile manufacturers and lubricant manufacturers.

China’s automotive engine lubricant market demand situation The automotive engine lubricant market demand depends on the production situation of the automotive industry. According to statistics, China’s automobile production has reached 10,000 vehicles in 9 years, and the year-on-year increase in production ranks ninth in the world. The output of agricultural transport vehicles reaches 10,000, and the number of holdings is about 10,000. Automotive engine lubricants will be in greater demand than industrial lubricants. It is estimated that the annual demand for engine lubricants for automobiles and agricultural transport vehicles will account for approximately 570,000 cars in China, which accounts for the total demand for lubricants. Demand determines the development of gasoline engine oil in China.

At present, in China’s sedan market, first-class cars are mainly domestically produced, and the number of first-class cars is mainly imported. Among the inventory, the proportion of domestically-produced cars will gradually expand). Class-class cars mainly include Jetta Fukang Xialiotuo and other brands, which mainly use class oil. Class-class cars mainly include Santana Cherokee and Guangzhou Peugeot, which use class oil. Class-class cars are domestically manufactured by Shanghai GM, Buick, Guangzhou Honda Accord and FAW-Volkswagen Audi and imported high-end cars, using or grade oil. From the perspective of market demand, it is mainly grade oil, which has a rapid growth, but the proportion of grade oil is very small. It is reported that Fukang Jetta and other production plants are considering upgrading the loading oil and recommended service oil to grade oil. Mini cars occupy an important position in our country.

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