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The difference between hand washing gel and hand washing liquid

There are some differences between hand washing gel and hand washing liquid, which are mainly reflected in three aspects: different shapes, different usage and different functions.

1. The shape is different

The form of hand washing gel is colloidal, and the shape of hand washing liquid is liquid.

2. The usage is different

Hand washing gel can be used without flushing, and after hand washing, it is necessary to rinse with water.

Under normal circumstances, hand washing liquid can be divided into foam hand washing liquid, free hand washing liquid, and ordinary liquid hand washing according to form. Ordinary liquid hand sanitizers and foam hand sanitizers need water washing, which can remove bacteria and viruses more effectively. The hand sanitizer is more convenient to carry, and can be cleaned and sterilized in time when going out, and it does not need flushing after use. So its convenience is quite obvious. In fact, they have their own advantages, consumers should buy according to their own actual situation, this is the best choice.

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