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The difference between national standard and non-standard punch

The difference between national standard and non-standard punch

With the continuous development of technology, the application of presses in various industries has become more and more extensive. When we buy the equipment, we often encounter the national standard and non-standard. Many people may not understand these two statements. For this reason, the editor introduces the main difference between the national standard and non-standard of the equipment in detail. Let’s take a look!

  • 1. The concept is different. The so-called national standard press means that its overall design, material selection and manufacturing are produced in accordance with the unified national standard, while the non-standard is customized by some manufacturers according to their own production standards or customer needs.
  • 2. The tonnage is different. The commonly used standard tonnages are 16 tons, 25 tons, 40 tons, etc. If it is a 23-ton model, it is non-standard. If you want a standard one, you can only choose the adjacent 25 tons.
  • 3. The processing technology is different. In the production process of the national standard punch press, each model has a standardized processing technology. For example, the JB21 series is a steel plate welded body, while the JC23 non-standard series is a cast body.
  • 4. The specifications are different. The parameters of the national standard are uniformly stipulated by the country. The parameters of the equipment of the same model and different manufacturers are also the same. The parameters of non-standard punch presses have different degrees of difference.

The difference between national standard and non-standard punch is mainly reflected in the above-mentioned aspects. After we understand the above-mentioned points, it will be of great help when buying and using this equipment in the future.

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