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The difference between punch and press

There is a big difference between a punch and a press. The former uses impact force to cut or shape. The press has the function of slow motion to provide a certain pressure to achieve extrusion or assembling parts. The former generally does not have a speed regulation mechanism, and the press has a speed regulation mechanism.

The punch press is a punch press. The design principle of the punch press is to convert circular motion into linear motion. The main motor outputs the force to drive the flywheel, and the clutch drives the gear, crankshaft (or eccentric gear), connecting rod, etc. to operate to achieve the slider. The linear motion from the main motor to the connecting rod is a circular motion.

The main tool used for reloading bullets, the press is used to load molds, perform depriming, pressing, prime, and warhead loading. It can usually be installed on a general workbench. According to the function, it can be divided into two categories: “single-step” and “progressive”.

Punches and presses are both pressure processing equipment.

The difference is that a stroke of the press is relatively fast, while the stroke of the movable table of the press is relatively slow. The press is more advantageous for drawing operations, and the former is more advantageous for punching operations.

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