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The Main Reason For China’s High-end Bearing Defects – Material Defects

[Be-cu sheet metal forming]Bearings are not only an important part of contemporary machinery and equipment, the so-called “mechanical joints”, but also important parts of daily necessities in our lives, such as bicycles, refrigerators and washing machines. Bearings are used in all products. And there are many types of bearings, but no matter what kind of bearings, small vibration, less wear, and low heat are all high-quality standards.


The gap between China’s high-end bearings and foreign products

However, China still relies on Germany and Japan to import high-end bearings. Germany and Japan basically import raw materials from China for high-end processing, and then buy them back to China at ten times the price. This is an open fact. But China’s manufacturing industry is helpless. China is undoubtedly a real big manufacturing country in bearings, but it does not meet the standard in terms of precision. Although the reliability of Chinese bearings has reached about 96%, compared with foreign bearings, the reliability has reached more than 98%, and the actual life can be calculated as long as possible. 30 times, but still lags behind.

Causes of defects in high-end bearings in my country

With the support of the state, the independence rate of aircraft bearings will also reach 90% by 2030. China’s technology for manufacturing raw materials for high-end bearings is very mature and perfect. Although the bearing looks very simple in structure, its The working environment is under very high pressure, and the environment in the fine field is even more severe. Due to the extreme motion of the object, it is easy to cause it to fatigue and fall off, so the requirements for the material steel for manufacturing are also very strict, and the purity and uniformity of the bearing steel are also very strict. Degree is its main measurement index, and material defects are an important reason why my country’s bearing industry cannot keep up with the world’s advanced level.

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