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The material for Bicycle Frame

Bicycle frame; aluminum alloy material; processing technology
Foreword: Bicycle is one of the means of transportation for people to travel. It is environmentally friendly and can achieve the purpose of physical exercise. The frame is the main component of the bicycle, and the performance of its material is closely related to the overall performance of the bicycle. At present, aluminum alloy material is the main material for bicycle frame processing. From the experimental point of view, this article conducts in-depth research on the application advantages of the material and the processing technology:
1 Bicycle frame and its materials
1.1 Bicycle frame
As the main component of the bicycle, the main function of the frame is to withstand the impact load Ⅲ when the bicycle is running. According to different bicycle frame materials and design techniques, there are also certain differences in terms of comfort and safety, and the use experience for the driver is also different. Improving the strength and rigidity of the bicycle frame is the key to enhancing the stability and comfort of the bicycle, and improving the corrosion resistance of the frame is the main way to extend its service life.
1.2 Bicycle frame materials
The bicycle frame materials are mainly aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, titanium, etc. The Young's modulus and density of different materials are quite different. Taking aluminum alloy as an example, its Young's modulus of elasticity is 70-79GPa, and its density is generally between 2.5-3.0g/cm3. Among the above four materials, carbon fiber has the highest Young's modulus value, and titanium alloy has the highest density value. The Young's modulus value is the main factor that determines the fatigue resistance of the frame. The smaller the value, the higher the fatigue resistance of the frame. Density is the main factor determining the weight of the frame. The lower the density, the lower the weight. Comparing the above four materials with each other, aluminum alloys have greater advantages when used in the manufacture of bicycle frames.
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