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The performance and use of infusion silicone tubing


The infusion silicone tube is made of imported silicone raw material and platinum catalytic system, advanced mechanical extrusion manufacturing. The production process is fast curing speed, the resulting medical infusion silicone tube is non-toxic and tasteless, and high transparency. Compared with the traditional peroxide vulcanization system of silicone tube has the advantage of more efficient and odorless. The whole production process of infusion silicone tube is produced with special equipment, and the products meet the highest quality standards.

Performance of infusion silicone tube.

1. High transparency, high level of hygiene, environmental protection, high efficiency and tasteless, high-temperature disinfection, high-pressure sterilization.

2. High tensile strength, strong tear resistance, low shrinkage, good resilience.

3, high temperature and low-temperature resistance ability, will not be deformed under high temperature, and will not produce decomposition of harmful substances.

4、Strong physiological inertia and anti-biological aging ability.

5, high level of health and environmental protection, through the U.S. FDA and Germany LFGB and another food-grade safety testing.


Infusion silicone tube is mainly used for blood transfusion, infusion, gastrointestinal nutrient delivery, and cold environment infusion in clinical practice. It is suitable for operating rooms, ICU, emergency rooms, wards, and other occasions.


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