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There are laws to follow on the prevention and control of automobile exhaust pollution


Beijing began to implement unleaded gasoline. The fourth clause of the old standard for fuel consumption and emissions prohibits the use of leaded gasoline. All gas stations are the same. The new standard also adds a clause that still meets the requirements after repairs and adjustments. If it fails to meet the requirements of the state on the safe technical conditions for motor vehicle operation, it shall be scrapped. In addition, based on China’s national conditions, the new standard also stipulates that some vehicles that have reached the scrapped mileage and service life but have good technical conditions have a certain leeway, which can delay scrapping, but it shall not exceed half of the prescribed scrapping period (4 to 5 years). .

The Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Public Security jointly promulgated the “Urban Taxi Management Measures” and began to implement them. The “Measures” set out detailed regulations on the management of the operating qualifications of taxi companies, the management and inspection of passenger transport services, and penalties for complaints. 3. The representatives of the first meeting of the Ninth National People’s Congress pointed out that the provisions on the prevention and control of automobile exhaust pollution in the “Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law” promulgated in 1987 can no longer adapt to the changes in the conditions of large and medium-sized cities in recent years. Immediately, the relevant departments promulgated the “Management Measures for the Monitoring and Control of Pollutant Emissions from Gas Cars, Motorcycles and Their Engine Products”. So far, there are laws to follow for the prevention and control of exhaust gas pollution.

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