To challenge traditional semiconductor testing, Mouser Electronics and Omron hold online new product introduction meeting

August 17, 2021 – Mouser Electronics, an Electronic components distributor focused on introducing new products to promote industry innovation, announced that it will join hands with Omron to hold an online discussion on Omron’s new product introduction conference on August 19 from 10:00-11:30. At that time, senior technical experts from Omron will bring Omron’s innovative products and cutting-edge technical solutions in the direction of relays and sensors to help engineers provide more efficient testing and more convenient applications.

To challenge traditional semiconductor testing, Mouser Electronics and Omron hold online new product introduction meeting

In traditional semiconductor testing, there are often problems of long test design cycle and high maintenance cost of test equipment. In this regard, Omron has launched MOSFET relay G3VM T-type modules and high-power relays in semiconductor precision testing, which can help reduce leakage current to a minimum level while ensuring high-precision measurement and reducing the maintenance frequency of test equipment. This promotion will give engineers a detailed explanation of the specific application of Omron MOSFET relays, the unique design structure of MOSFET modules, the working principle of high-power G7EB mechanical relays, etc., so that engineers can further understand the product advantages of Omron relays and improve test efficiency and accuracy. In addition, non-contact temperature sensors used in smart homes and home appliances, as well as MEMS flow sensors used in combustion control, measuring instruments and other fields, will introduce simple, reliable and efficient sensors based on their respective characteristics and applications. Solutions to help engineers deepen their understanding of sensors for better application and design.

Ms. Tian Jiping, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Mouser Electronics Asia Pacific, said: “Semiconductor testing is an important operational link to ensure the quality and pass rate of chip production. How to improve the reliability of testing, optimize the testing process, and save testing costs and time, etc., These are the problems that engineers have to face during the testing process. For this reason, we specially invited Omron’s technical experts to expand the advantages of Omron’s new relay products for engineers, so that engineers’ test results are more reliable and more accurate. In addition, this promotion conference also brings Omron sensor products and solutions, which allows engineers to deeply understand the characteristics of different types of sensors and help them in practical applications.”


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