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ventilator breathing tube

ventilator breathing tube applicable scope

For human body input oxygen



ventilator breathing tube advantage:

It is composed of nose plug, connecting pipe and joint. The traditional molding and various combination configurations can meet the needs of different oxygen inhalation.

The pipeline internal thread design, pressure proof anti fold, smooth oxygen.

The nose making delicate, no burr, the material is soft, comfortable to wear.


This product should be operated by professional personnel. The medical staff who use this product should be trained by corresponding techniques. Aseptic operation should be adopted when using the product.

Matters needing attention

1. this product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and only for one time use. The products are sterile, non-toxic and pyrogen free before the packaging is opened or damaged. If the package is damaged, it is forbidden to use. Post destruction.

2. this product should be stored in relative humidity of no more than 80%, no corrosive gas and well ventilated room.

3.Y connector with monitoring port,convenient for sampling and detection

4.Proper design assures good conformibility and lower tube resistance

5.Soft tube,anti-bending,transparent,easy to be observed

6.Water trap collects condensate,decreasing the polluting ratio of respiratory machines

7.International standard connector,matched with multiple respiratory machines

8. in the provision of transport and storage conditions, the product of self sterilizing date, valid for two years. The product is beyond the validity period of sterilization and shall not be used.

9. doctors should pay attention to check the patency of nasal oxygen tube in the use of nasal oxygen tube.


According to the client requirements,they can choose or only buy other sizes single tube,or mask,bag,artificial nose,dust filter and various connectors


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