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What are the implementation criteria for CNC turning processing?

First, conscientiously implement the following general provisions on the lathe when do CNC turning processing: 1, looking for the workpiece, only the use of hand-held chuck or open the lowest speed to find positive, are not allowed to open high-speed correction. 2, change the direction of the spindle rotation, the first to stop after the spindle, are not allowed to suddenly change the direction of rotation. 3, loading and unloading chuck, only the right hand to rotate the V-belt drive spindle rotation line, absolutely prohibit the direct start of the machine forced release or tighten. At the same time in the bed to block the board, to prevent accidents. 4, the tool should not be extended too long, the gasket should be flat, the width of the same width with the bottom of the tool. 5, the work is not allowed to open anti-car method to brake the spindle rotation. Second, conscientiously implement the following special provisions of the special part of the special lathe for CNC turning parts : (A), round-round hexagonal lathe: 1, are not allowed to process bending, the surface of the rough bar. 2, when the material must be aligned head chuck hole, gently hit, not allowed to chaos knocked knock. (2), program-controlled Racing Lathe: According to the technical requirements of the work procedures for the spindle speed, tool feed, tool holder trajectory and continuous offside and other items of pre-selection. Place the motor knob in the "adjusted" position to test, confirm the no problem, then the electrical rotation in the automatic or semi-automatic position to work. Third, earnestly implement the "metal cutting machine general operating procedures" the relevant provisions. The above is the CNC turning processing standards.Lemo are export on CNC turning processing, pls conttact us as below :Amy ChenOversea Marketing ManagerDongguan Lemo Precision Metal Products Co.,LtdNo.84 Zhongli Rd,Nancheng,Dongguan,Guangdong,523000,China.
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