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What are the processing characteristics of Industrial Titanium bars?

Industrial Titanium bars and titanium alloys have high chemical activity. Titanium bars and titanium alloys can react violently with oxygen, nitrogen and other oxygen-containing gases at high temperatures. When the billet surface is heated in air to form oxide scale and surface suction layer. Titanium bars and titanium alloys absorb hydrogen easily when heated, which makes it difficult to process some types of titanium alloys.

Poor thermal conductivity of titanium bars and titanium alloys. The thermal conductivity of titanium rods and titanium alloys is usually only 1/15 of that of alloys and 1/5 of that of steels. Low thermal conductivity leads to a large temperature difference along the cross section of the ingots and billet in the hot B inch, resulting in a large heat response, and cracks will be formed in severe cases. Therefore, the heating speed must be limited, and the equipment of variable temperature, deformation speed, deformation rate and deformation must be selected reasonably.

Polycrystalline transformation of titanium bars and titanium alloys. Titanium has a phase transition. Heating to P temperature can significantly improve plasticity and reduce deformation resistance, however, the zone deformation is not as good as that of the tissue with good performance.

The cold deformation capacity of titanium alloy is low. The deformation of most titanium alloys during cold working is difficult. A little preheating can significantly reduce the deformation resistance and improve the plasticity.

Titanium easy to bond deformation die.This tendency tends to deteriorate the surface quality of the processed material, and puts forward more stringent requirements on the deformation die and process lubrication.

High buckling ratio and low elastic modulus. It is very difficult to straighten in a cold state.

The above processing characteristics should be fully considered in the formulation of the production process.

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