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What are the requirements for cabinet panels for large sheet metal processing?

1. Cabinet plates for large sheet metal processing:

The industry requires that standard cabinet plates should be made of good cold-rolled steel plates. Many cabinets on the market are not made of cold-rolled steel, but are replaced by hot plates or even iron plates, which are easy to rust and deform. Please carefully identify!

Cold rolled steel sheet. Cold rolled steel plate is a steel plate produced by cold rolling, commonly known as cold plate. Compared with hot-rolled steel, the thickness of cold-rolled steel is more accurate, and the surface is smooth and beautiful, and it also has various superior properties, especially in terms of processing performance. A good cold-rolled steel plate can ensure the long-term toughness and load-bearing performance of the cabinet. Cold rolled steel sheets are widely used in home appliances such as automobiles, refrigerators, washing machines, industrial equipment, and various building materials. Cold plate surface: The cold-rolled steel plate has a smooth and beautiful surface, a smooth and delicate touch, full of toughness and steel power, and demonstrates the noble quality of the cabinet!

2. Regarding the thickness of the plate:

General requirements in the industry: standard cabinet board thickness column 2.0MM, side panels and front and rear doors 1.2MM (industry requirements for side panels are 1.0MM or more, because the side panels cannot bear the load, the panels can be slightly thinner to save energy) , Fixed tray 1.2MM. The uprights of the cabinet are all 2.0mm thick to ensure the cabinet’s load-bearing capacity (the uprights are the main load-bearing function).

Friendly reminder: The industry requires that the board thickness of the cabinet must meet the standard. If the thickness does not meet the standard, the cabinet will be deformed, which will affect the service life and safety factor of the cabinet. The cabinet is mainly to protect the equipment, so the safety performance is very important. Please be sure to ask the thickness of the plate when purchasing, and carefully identify it!

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