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What are the several methods to manufacture precision CNC machining parts?

A lot of things, its way is divided into a variety of ways, can be better for us to choose, can be used for our choice, we can choose their own according to their actual situation, precision parts processing is the same, What are the several ways to process cnc machining parts? The precision CNC machining parts processing process includes Turning, milling, grinding, stamping and casting. Etc. Stamping: Stamping uses pre-made molds for cold punching with punching machines, mainly for sheet metal processing, that is, most of the processed materials are sheets, and the processing efficiency is relatively high for mass production.
The precision metal processing process is divided into engineering mold and continuous mold. The engineering mold is also called single punch. Some complicated parts need to use several sets of molds, while the continuous mold separates the shape of the product in the cavity of the mold. The parts are in a mold, so that the punching process is a finished product. High-speed continuous punching machines can process three or four hundred products per minute. Lathes: Lathes for precision parts processing are precision machining machines, which are divided into ordinary lathes, automatic lathes, instrument lathes and computer lathes. It performs radial or axial machining by the turning tool by holding the material and then making a rotary motion. The use of automatic lathes and computer lathes is now more widespread. Because these two are fully automatic processing, the precision error caused by human operation is reduced to the bottom point, and the processing speed is fast, and it is used for mass production. Most of today's computer lathes are equipped with side-turning tools and back-turning tools, which means that the lathe can also be milled.For more detailed information, Welcome to check the website : www.ptjmachining.comPrevious: What are the precision machining methods for mechanical parts ?Next: What are the sequences of precision CNC machining parts ?

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