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What constitutes a hydraulic cylinder?

The basic working principle of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders is: Manually pressurize the stalk (hydraulic manual pump) to make the hydraulic oil enter the hydraulic cylinder through a single valve, then the hydraulic oil entering the hydraulic cylinder is due to the single item The reason for the valve cannot be reversed any more, forcing the cylinder rod upwards, and then the work continues to make the hydraulic oil continue to enter the hydraulic cylinder, so it continues to rise, when it is about to fall, open the hydraulic valve to make the hydraulic oil return to the oil tank.

Hydraulic transmission technology has been greatly applied and developed in many industries around the world, such as loaders, bulldozers and road rollers for construction machinery; forklifts, belt conveyors and truck cranes for lifting and transporting machinery; pile drivers, hydraulic jacks and flat land for construction machinery Machinery, etc.; agricultural machinery, automobile industry, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery…

Risen Machinery’s professional production and sales of hydraulic cylinders mainly include nine series, namely: CX series thin hydraulic cylinders, MO series light hydraulic cylinders, HO series heavy hydraulic cylinders, FO series hydraulic cylinders with adjustable buffers, RO Series round hydraulic cylinders, GO series heavy hydraulic cylinders,…

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