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What is 618HH steel? What are the applications of 618HH steel?

1. Good polishing and laser etching performance 2. Good processing performance 3. High purity and excellent uniformity 4. Better abrasion resistance, longer mold life, with the following advantages:

1.2 No heat treatment costs

3. Shorten the mold production cycle

4. Reduce the cost of the mold (for example: no need to correct the deformation)

5·The mold is easy to modify

6. Nitriding and flame hardening treatments can be applied to improve the hardness and wear resistance of the mold edges

1. Large-scale long-life plastic injection molds, such as home appliances, computer shells and other molds.

2. Because of its high hardness, it can be used in plastic molds only for sliding blocks. 3. 4. Blow molds. 5. Molding tools. 6. The physical properties of structural parts at room temperature and slightly higher temperatures when they are hardened and tempered to a hardness of 340HB.

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