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What Is Reusable Silicone Adjuster Buckle?

What is Reusable silicone Adjuster Buckle?

Quality silicone material: our reusable silicone adjuster buckle is made of quality silicone, strong and reliable, not easy to break, soft and lightweight, you will not feel too much burden for long time wearing, durable to serve you for long time.

Spiral design: Reusable silicone adjuster buckle is designed with spiral shape, will help to stop the cord or drawstrings from slipping, just simply press together and the adjustment buckle can move freely up and down; Just gently pull out and take out when not in use.

Silicone toggles for drawstrings: the reusable silicone adjuster buckle is easy to help you adjust the size of the rope to meet your different tightness needs, you will not feel too tight or too loose during use, and feel more comfortable, suitable for both kids and adults to use.

Wide applications: Reusable silicone adjuster buckle can be widely applied for clothing, face cover, backpack, sport wears, shoe laces, headbands, wigs, belts, hats, and a variety of outdoor and gym products, also suitable for outdoor activity to use.

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