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What is Sand Casting?

Sand casting is the oldest and still widely used casting process. It can be used to produce casting in sizes of less than a pound to several tons.There are several methods to ram or compact the sand around the pattern. Like hand or pneumatic-tool ramming,jolting,squeezing,and driving the sand into the mold at sand slinger. Sand slinger is always used for large size products while it need large volumes of sand.For smaller casting,it will use a two-part metal box or flask referred to as a cope and drag .First we position the pattern on a mold board,and then put the drag or lower half of the flask over it.We sprinkle parting powder on the pattern and the box is filled with sand.The sand will quickly be compacted by a jolt squeeze machine.Then turn over the flask and again parting powder is dusted on it.And the next is to position the cope on the top half of the flask and is filled with sand,and the two-part mold sandwiched with the pattern board is squeezed
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